Monday, October 19, 2015

Sunday's rare pets - A Chinese soft-shelled turtle and a pet fancy mouse as patients

Sunday Oct 18,  2015. Still hazy with sun obscured by grey clouds.

2 rare pets in Singapore seen today at Toa Payoh Vets. 

The younger generation in their 30s were the pet owners.  It was fun talking to the two types of owners and knowing more about the lifestyle of the pets. The information is shared in the images below and in the you tube videos.

Pet Fancy Mouse has swollen upper eyelid of the left eye. Why?
Hard to say but there was a much bigger room mate at 4 months of age and mature.
A territorial fight or accidental injury during grooming by the bigger mouse? I had the video of the bigger grooming the smaller one after the examination. The smaller one just kept still. So, was there bullying or not as the older one matures at 3 months and is now 4 months and will want
more territory.

One week ago, the tank water was very smelly and probably had much fetid gas. The water was usually changed every 3 days. So this Chinese Soft-shelled turtle could have been badly infected. He stopped eating. When given new brands of pellets, he ate but then stopped eating.

From the history, I suspected it was acute gastroenteritis, probably from poor pellet quality as Taiwan had a series of bad quality food scares last year, with re-cycled oil being used for sale as cooking oil.

"Are the stool quality and colour back to normal?" I asked.
"Yes," the young man said. "But very little."
This turtle dislikes being handled and splashed about. I could not see his small eyes since he usually hides his head showing his nose.


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