Monday, October 12, 2015

A 6-year-old male neutered seal poiont Siamese cat dribbles urine again

Tues Oct 12, 2015

Today, the mother and son came to me with this Siamese cat that dribbled urine and lived with 2 other cats in the Singapore aparatment. She had consulted Vet 1 Toa Payoh Vets in 2012, then Vet 1 who started her own practice in West Singapore in 2013. The urinary problem recurred and Vet 3 in East Singapore was consulted in Sep 21, 2015.

Vet 3 treated the cat was an in-patient for 3 days at $50/day with the total bill approximately $600 (ultrasound - lots of sediment in thickened walled bladder; urine test pH 6.5, SG >1.050, Lecuo 3+, Protein +, Blood 3+, . struvite crystals 3+

Vet 3 catheterised the bladder and flushed 2X/day for 3 days. The cat urinated normally and went home on medication of curam antibiotic, phenoxybenzamine 10 mg at 1/8 cap sid, bethanechol 10 mg at 1/8 tablet with 1 tab in 2 ml water and giving 0.25ml.

The cat completed the medication. But today, Oct 12, 2015, the cat had difficulty peeing and so I was the Vet 4 to consult as the medical expenses were deemed high. 

Medical costs can add up when the cat has recurring urinary problem as in this common medical condition known variously by different vets as FIC, FUS or  FLUTD.
What are the solutions?

I palpated the bladder. It was full as an orange. The prepuce was swollen and the penis bright red instead of the usual light pink. Slight kidney pain.

In 2014, no urinary problem. The cat was fed on Urinary S/0 dry food and canned food. Two new cats were introduced in July 2015 and the cat had to be crated inside a cage with his own litter box and water. "He is aggressive towards the new cat and did not drink much water," the mother said.

I did not do any test like X-rays owing to economic considerations. I prescribe antibiotics and painkillers meloxicam for 4 days course. The owner is to syringe water.  

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