Sunday, October 25, 2015

2342. A 14-year-old female dog has viral pneumonia after grooming - blood test for health screening

Octr 26, 2015

Maltese X, F, Not spayed, 14 years.
Not eating 2 days, lethargic, fever at 39.7C.
Watery stools and anorexia 2 days on Oct 21, 2015. Saw groomer who came with transport vehicle and had been grooming this dog for last 10 years.
"Harsh lung sounds," I had elicited coughing from this old dog much loved by the lady. "Possible viral infection at the groomer's 4 days ago. I need a blood test to be done."

Blood test on Oct 23, 2015.
Glucose 2  (3.9-6)

Total WCC  2.1  (6-17)
N = 1.7%  (60-70%)   Abso. 0.04  (3 to 11.5.)
L  29.3  (12-30%)   Abso  0.61
M 68.4%   (3-10%)  Abso 1.44  (0.15 to 1.35)
E = 0.5%
B = 0.1%

The blood test indicated viral pneumonia. The owner came early. An IV drip with antibiotic and tolfedine.

Dog recovered on Oct 25 but not 100%.  Recovery meant 80% appetite and up to her nonsense.
The other dog was lethargic for 2 days and had recovered earlier. Both went for grooming. It was great that the pneumonic dog did not deteriorate in health and had become more active after treatment.

This case shows that old dogs do get viral infection. Most Singapore owners do not bother to vaccinate their older dogs. It is surprising that this dog had a good outcome.
The dog was very thin and could have pyometra as her vulval area was swollen on Oct 23 (pus dripping, licking). Good ending.

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