Saturday, October 24, 2015

2340. The Husky has 3 circum-anal tumours

Oct 24, 2015

Husky, Male, 11 years, 17kg.

According to the owner
lst vet did not "diagnose" it. It was a small tumour.
"Inexperienced and young," the owner said.
2nd vet did not want to operate on it as the tumours had ballooned. So he refer to the 3rd vet.
3rd vet cut a portion and sent it to the histology lab for analysis. Circum-anal tumour, hepatoid adenoma. This cost $1,000. The surgery estimated to be $2,000. The biopsied tumour became inflamed and itchy. 

Before Tardak injection. Inoperable now.

That is how I became the 4th vet as the backside tumours were bleeding profusely all over the house. The owner came with the Clara, the pet transport lady to get the surgery done. The 3 tumours were infected and so the owners thought it was a simple surgery to cut them off.

"The tumours are large and very close to the anal opening," I advised operation and neutering to be 10 days later after a Tardak injection to shrink the tumours and medication for the infections. "It is not good for the dog to operate today as the bacteria will spread to the surgical wound, leading to stitch breakdown and a big skin hole hard to heal. You will have more medical costs and stress if the wound cannot close."

The owners wanted both neuter and circum-anal tumour removal today. The right undescended testicle was painful on palpation.

Tardak did reduce the bleeding. Tardak is an anti-androgen used totreat canine prostatic hypertrophy, circumanal tumours and modification of hypersexuality in the male dog. Some neutered male dogs still show hypersexuality.  It is delmadinone acetate and acts in at least 2 modes of acgtion:
1. by the inhibition of pituitary gonadotrophin release. The inhibition of ICSH (Intersittial Cell STimulating Hormone) restrains testes interstitial cell function and hence testosterone production.
2. by possibly affection the "behavioural sex centre."

Tardak given at 2 ml SC caused the tumours to shrink a bit overnight. The dog was sent home to save on medical costs. Wound cleaning and anti-fly powder need to be done at home. 10 days later, the owner will WhatsApp the image to me to see whether the dog can undergo circum anal surgery. 

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