Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2337. A gentle 6-year-old female guinea pig has a doublel chin?

Oct 20, 2015

The busy working couple came at 6 pm with this 6-year-old guinea pig after making an appointment yesterday. I was talking to a dog owner who came to buy the L/D diet for his old female dog with liver disease and breast tumour.

For this dog owner, he had not wanted surgery when his old dog had a small breast tumour. He said he worried that the dog would feel very painful after the surgery.
"There are pain-killer drugs after surgery," I said frankly. "You were able to afford the surgery which cost around $300 to remove a small breast lump, but you proscrastinate." Sometimes, it is possible to be blunt if the vet knows the client well. It was just a fatal decision as the dog's breast tumours had grown and spread but no surgery could be done now as there was liver disease leading to very high anaesthetic risk.

Blood test had revealed liver disorder and so the dog was given the special liver diet L/D to prevent further liver damage. This dog had a very high anaesthetic risk as her liver was not normal and so no surgery to remove the breast tumour and spay was to be done.

As for this old guinea pig, the owners had to decide on operation. There is excess skin hanging down and the lump was soft. It could be a tumour or consolidated abscess. I will do the surgery today Oct 22, 2015 to incise and check what was inside this left chin swelling with loose skin.

Isoflurane gas only.Large lipoma excised electro-surgery by Dr Daniel. No histology.

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