Wednesday, October 14, 2015

2329. KPI for 4 dew claw removal in a Yorkshire

Oct 14, 2015

Today I demonstrated to my assistant Naing how to be efficient and prompt in removal of 4 dew claws in a Yorkshire. From IV sedation to last stitch, the operation was 11 minutes.

11.19 am Inject domitor and ketaimin IV  D+K 0.1 +0.12 ml IV, 4 kg Yorkshire
11.30 am First skin incision
11.42 am Last skin stitching

As the dog was excitable, 11.19 - 11.30 am were 11 minutes used to clip hairs off 4 feet and prep for surgery. This delay caused the dog to wake up at around 11.39 am and isoflurane gas had to be used to top up anaesthesia.

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