Sunday, October 4, 2015

2322. A photographer's pictures of Daniel and Jason

1.  Picture Dec 2009.
The left diamond stud caused mum considerable emotional distress. What's next?
Will he be getting tongue and belly studs? Tattoos on his biceps and legs?

A wish from Dad in 2009.
"Create" when you have spare time
Make this world a better place

2. Picture April 2010.
Happy Birthday when Dad and Mum visited this undergraduate in Perth, Australia.
Dad is reminded of the song in his era. This song is about love,   "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes".
I doubt Dan has ever heard of it.

3. Picture June 2011
Dad picks him to go home on the last day of the Singapore Turf Club internship. He would be going back to Perth to complete his study. A candid shot. Sharp chin. Lean and muscular look.
Dad is reminded of the song in his era. The song is about love, "I can't find the words to say goodbye."

4. Picture 2012 at the cousin Vincent's wedding dinner. Vincent and his bride.

Who amongst the 3 cousins is the most handsome
For Dad, the most important value for a man is "Who is the kindest to his parents, his family members, to animals and to disadvantaged people?"

5.  Picture June 2011 of Daniel. 

In the traditional Chinese family in the 1960s, "Words of love from the Dad don't come easy". No hugs and kisses at bed-time unlike the many Caucasian families in UK and the USA. So when the Chinese children grow up, it is extremely difficult to get hugs from them.  This reminds Dad of another love song, "Words Don't Come Easy" by F R David.

6.  Picture Oct 2010.  Daniel as an undergraduate.
Visit by mum and dad in Perth.  This waiter knows how to communicate with the diners and make the dining fun.


7.  Picture of Daniel as an undergraduate.  Sep 2010.
When life was just passing examinations in Perth. No worries in this aspect.

8. Picture of Daniel's mum in Hong Kong. Aug 2011.
A bus flashed by. This image reminds Dad of a love song "Sunlight in Your Hair" by Lionel Richie

9. Picture of Daniel, his brother and mum in Perth. May 2011

This image is my favourite and probably most romantic.
Lean and muscular young men escorting their mum to a function in Perth. The one on the right looks mean. Not a gram of fat in their pectorals and abdominal muscles. Trim and solid muscles.

Mum's "knights in shining armour", protecting her against any bad people. Actually, on the way to an animal and flower fair in Perth.

Readers who love reading English Romance Novels and King Arthur may appreciate why I name the picture "My White Knights In Shining Armour". For those who don't care about romance, this image shows a mother who once takes good care for the toddlers is now towered over by two young adult sons who love her very much and are now her protectors - her "knights in shining armour". The caption should read "My Knights In Shining Armour" on 2nd thoughts.  

Mum and Dad are always aware of sibling rivalries. With both now graduates, the parental responsibilities have been fulfilled and each son has to achieve their dreams. Also to  make the world a better place. All these cannot be achieved without hard work.

10. Picture of Daniel's younger brother. Sep 2010.

Dan's younger brother as an undergraduate in Perth. A boy who once said to Dad's clients that his dad was using him as a "child labour". He was in the clinic after school and was told to sweep the clinic floors.  Many years later, the client told Dad what the Primary School Boy Daniel had complained to him.

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