Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The male cat has dysuria again - urethral obstruction in Jul 2, 2015

Sep 4, 2015

I expect good news after removal of bladder stones and urethral stones in this male cat  2 months ago. I did a follow up phone call on Sep 2. The owner said that the cat started having dysuria (difficulty in urination) again.

"Why?" she had given the cat the feline C/D diet only.
"I need to do a urine test and possibly X-rays again," I replied. She was not free to bring the cat till Sep 4, 2015. This cat had kidney disease evidenced by blood test. He had a badly obstructed bladder and had needed catheterisation of the bladder as the urethra was obstructed by 3 stones. The urethral stones were flushed back into the  bladder which also had stones.  All stones  were removed by surgery and the cat was OK for the past 2 months.

"Has the male cat been separated from the other two female cats?" I asked. "In case, he eats the different type of dry food given to the female cats."

"He is fed in his crate and does not share the food as the female cats are crated on their own."

X-rays will be necessary to ensure there are no new bladder or urethral  stones.

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