Sunday, September 13, 2015

2991. Titan the cat has difficulty peeing

Sunday Sep 13, 2015

I have known Titan the neutered male cat for many years. He had difficulty peeing many years ago. The problem was the high litter tray lined with newspapers. Every time he gets into the litter tray, he bruised his lower belly and penile area leading to pain. I discovered this by querying the owner as I did not see the litter tray. No more problems.

Then today, he came in with difficulty in peeing. He had also been rubbing his backside on the floor, Mr Thiru, the father had said.   
"Has he been to the groomer?" I asked.
"Yes, last week." the Primary School teacher daughter said. Her father had sprained his left ankle and would wait outside the consultation room while I examined the fat Titan.
"Was he OK after grooming?" I noted that this lady groomer referred by me had done a great job (video).
"Yes," the daughter said. "He looked forward to grooming, but he is quiet when he sees the vet."
Titan was like a statute and did not claw or growl at me. Visiting a vet was not pleasant for him as he remembers me for giving him injections.
"He has stained anal areas as he had been licking it,": I expressed brown oil from the left anal sac. "He probably has an itchy backside, licking it to relieve his anal sac impaction. He needs to reduce weight as it is difficult to express his anal sacs with so much perianal fat tissues.

"His inflamed prepuce is swollen now and it is not possible to protrude his penis as in normal slim cats," I said. "That could be one reason he had difficulty in peeing. The reason I asked about a recent grooming visit is that the groomer may have had accidentally clipped his preputial area. This is unlikely as Clara is very experienced and the cat was OK for the past week after grooming."

"Titan loves the dry feline W/D food," the father said. "He would ask for more and my parents would pity him and give him."
"Give him a certain amount to achieve his weight of 6 kg," I referred the owners to a table of amount to be fed on the W/D bag to attain 6 kg.
"He will claw when he asks and no food is given," the father said.  "I will let my parents know."
Titan is 12 years old but he is as fit as a young cat, dashing after birds and lizards. However, the daughter could not film him in action.

I prescribed antibiotics and painkillers for the next 5 days. No urine was available. The bladder was not swollen but painful on palpation. So, I could not do urine test. No X-ray for the time being. 

I have a video of him for readers to appreciate his vitality and health.


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