Friday, September 4, 2015

2986. Unbelieable story. The cat had high blood sugar and difficulty in urination

Sep 4, 2015

The woman who loves this stray cat very much came today to buy a bag of feline W/D.  She had wanted to cancel her one-week monastery camp as the cat was suffering from dysuria. I advised her not to worry as this was important for her belief.

"How's is your Buddhism camp?" I asked. "It is good that you did not miss it. Otherwise you need to wait for another year."

"Actually, it will be 4 years for the next camp," she said. So, it was great that I had advised her not to miss it as the cat was treated and had medication.

"My cat is fine now," she declared. "After eating the feline C/D, I come to buy the W/D as her blood glucose level was high when she had urinary tract problems. 

Feline W/D is said to help manage glucose and  weight and improves digestion.  This is done by:

1. It also promotes urinary tract health,
2. helps to metabolise fat and maintain lean muscle,
3. supports a healthy immune system
4. Helps maintain a healthy weight.

This stray cat eats any dry food and so there was no problem in switching food.  This appears to be no ordinary cat as the lady narrated the following:
1. The cat would send departing visitors to the lift area.
2. The cat had walked 3 circles with the Buddhist friend who was practising the belief and chanting.
3. The cat had listened to a friend who told him to jump onto the shoe box and leapt into the open window.

This cat would appear to be a re-incarnation of a person as he is so clever, as if being able to understand human communication. It is hard to believe as I have not seen his actions but there is no reason for the lady to lie.       

Hamster full of warts. From St Georges' Road.
Aug 30, 2015
69g. Obese.
bilateral hair loss at the back area
1. Ear warts. right ear. Multiple.
2. Wart. right elbow. One at 3 mm across.
3. Flank wart. 5 mm across.
4. Left hind paw. Below paw. 8 mm across.
5. Left inguinal area. 5 mm across.
6. Left belly area  5 mm across.

I used electro-surgery to cut off all the warts. The hamster went home.

Follow up on Sat Sep 5, 2015 today.
No answer from mobile. I sms " Is Cici OK and eating? Need to slim down to 50g."

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