Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2319. Follow up: The young neck-extended chihuahua develops more red spots on her shoulders.

Sep 30, 2015

The young lady in her early 30s came to buy 2 bottles of multivitamins for her Chihuahua who had presented with her nose pointing skywards some 4 weeks ago. (Another blog).

"How's the dog's neck extended posture now?" I asked.

"No more problem," she replied. "I have had stopped the heart medication for a week and she has no problem sleeping at nigh. A few soft coughs now and then."

"How about the ringworm on your wrist?" I asked.
"No more inflamed," she showed her right wrist. "I don't get ringworm now even when I held my dog. But more red spots appear on my dog's shoulder area!"

Some 2 weeks ago, the dog had generalised ringworm and she had her left wrist skin infected too.
I did not prescribe anti-ringworm medication as she was concerned about more medication since her dog was on heart drugs. I advised clipping bald to remove all contaminated hairs. She would be giving the anti-fungal wash and cream daily.
She had asked the groomer to clip the body but not the head. She clipped recently and saw more red spots.

Many owners do not bring their dog in for reviews and so what she said about the red spots could be ringworm or could be clipper burns or other reasons . A month had passed. Most of my cases of generalised ringworm had cured but this dog had more red spots.

"It is best for me to review and check on the multiple red spots, with the dog present," I explained. 

For various reasons, many Singaporean dog owners do not come for a review and in this case, she wanted to buy the multivitamins and do-it-herself treatment of the ringworm with the antifungal wash and cream.

She would bring the dog in for examination as it is not possible to confirm whether ringworm had spread or not.

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