Sunday, September 27, 2015

2312. Continuing Education - FIC in French cats

Saturday Sep 26, 2015

I attended a talk sponsored by Age D'Or

Vetoquinol Global Companion Animal Technical Manger Dr Sergio Martins to provide the latest updates on Dermatology, Otology and Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC).

FIC or FLUTD in cats appears to be common. At Toa Payoh Vets, we do see at least one case per week. I had a long telephone chat with Dr Martins today Sep 28, 2015 as regards FIC in North-Eastern France where his wife practises.  

He said that FIC (dysuria, haematuria, pollakiuria) is diagnosed based on history of environmental stress (change of residence, food, after boarding, aggression from other cats etc). The solution is to remove the stress and ensure that the cat has no more pain. He prescribes tolfedine inj and tablets. He does not prescribe meloxicam as he believes it causes kidney damage. No ACP for him. Just tolfedine. FIC is non infectious and so no need antibiotics.  He does not do blood, urine and X-rays unless necessary or recurrent.

He says that FIC is a chronic disease. It can be obstructive and non-obstructive. Prompt treatment is necessary to prevent non-obstructive becoming obstructive (urethral plugs, sand due to changes in urine pH on bladder mucosa from neuro-hormonal influences).

He phones the owner daily till the cat is cured. Environmental stress must be removed and pain removed so that the cat pees normally.   .

The Speaker is a Portuguese who lives in France. His wife is a practising vet in North-east France. In that area, the 25 practices work till 6 pm. The emergency clinic is provided by rotation by 1 of the 25 practices. So, there is work-life balance in this area. In Singapore, more vets open past midnight and this serves the needs of the working population. 

Many Filipino vets attend this talk on a Saturday evening. I am one of the two senior citizen vets attending this talk, Judy, a Filipino vet said to me. "The senior citizen vets over 60 years old are mostly retired and no longer practises," I told her. She won a veterinary book prize as there was a lucky draw at the end of the talk. 

It was a great time to meet with old friends and know more about the products of Age D'Or. Ms Tan, the pharmacist is now retired. She probably was a new graduate when she joined the company. One of her sons is a Pastor and she is a staunch Catholic.   

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