Thursday, September 17, 2015

2299. Unbelieveable story. The sudden death of a retiree who was certified healthy

Sep 18, 2015

The Primary Production Department employee retired at 55 years of age in the old days some 20 years ago. He worked in the Extension Centre dealing with pigs and poulty. One day, he came to see the vet who had his practice in North Singapore.

"I have just passed my health screening test including threadmill. I am certified fit and healthy!". He was still interested in animal husbandry and borrowed a book from the vet.

As he left to go home, the vet joked: "Give me a 4-digit number to buy the 4-D lottery!"
"Nonsense, you may pass away first," he said to the private vet.
The next day, his son phoned the vet to say that his father had died at night.  
"It could be an aneurysm (rupture of the blood vessel)," I said. "He could have gone for the threadmill test and over-exerted." Nobody knows the cause of his sudden death. 

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