Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2296. Eye injury in a pug and prosthetic eye - email diagnosis is unreliable


As spoken to you earlier regarding my dog eye.  I have attached an image of how bad his eye is, currently his eye is cover by blood clot as yesterday was in minor 

bleeding compare to his first time bleeding. please do let me know whether you  guys provide fake eye ball implant. By the way this coming Thursday morning he will

be going to remove his eye from a vet from jurong. If you do have solution to cure his eye, please don't hesitate, contact me asap. Thank you so much for your 

concern & time.  

Best regards, 
Sep 15, 2015
I need a better front view (with good lighting) and a side view to be able to assess via email. Ideally, I should be able to see the dog but since you have had seen 3 vets, it will be difficult for you. Advices by email reference eye conditions can be unreliable sometimes.

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