Thursday, August 27, 2015

2978. A cat has dislocated left hip

Aug 28, 2015. Yesterday, one 3-month-old rabbit dislocated his right hip. The owner wanted closed reduction rather than doing nothing as Vet 1 suggested. Vet 1 had said he could not reduce the hip joint and suggested doing nothing. The rabbit has a right hip sling after putting the femoral head into the hip joint. The owner did not want any surgery as the rabbit is only 3 months old.

Then another case of dislocation of the hip in a cat abused by somebody. He was missing and found to be lame.

The left hind leg was shorter than the right on extension. X-rays to confirm and taken today.
Sedation is necessary for proper X-rays as the hind legs must be extended.

In this cat, 4.4 kg bodyweight:

xyla 0.5+Ket 0.3 IM
Reverzin 0.05 ml IV (or IM) given to reverse xylazine.

The owner wanted closed reduction and a sling was applied. The cat stained his bandage after peeing. I asked the owner to wash it off. For other "looseness" of bandage or hairs stuck, I asked the owner to bring the cat down as it is impossible to "diagnose" and "advise" over the phone. So far, the Cavalier King Charles and the rabbit, both given slings, had no complaints.

X-rays for this cat are as follows:

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