Monday, August 31, 2015

2981. An 8-year-old Silkie has sterile struvite urolithiasis

Aug 29, 2015
SilkieXYorkshire, Female, 8 years
Consulted Toa Payoh Vets for right hindlimb lameness. Patellar bones luxate easily medially in both hind limbs. X-rays for sprained knees showed lots of bladder stones.
No complaint of blood in the urine or peeing problems.

pH 8
SG 1.024
A trace of blood.
Crystals amorphous phosphate 3+
Little  white cells  3
No red cells.          0
No bacteria

Advised S/D to dissolve the stones.

A rare case of sterile struvite in a dog. Almost 99% are infection-induced struvites with microbial urease involved. Hence, the owners did not know about the bladder stones till X-rays for lameness. These stones can be dissolved by S/D diet and change to C/D diet later.

Sometimes, a rare case appears. Urine must be collected to test for crystals.  

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