Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2974. INTERN. . Time is running out - Case 3. A Maltese became comatose and had pyometra

The owner did not want the dog to be spayed nor the encrusted tartar in the teeth to be cleared when advised some 2 years ago.

The dog came to the clinic comatose and had fits (video). Blood test showed low glucose and extremely high total white cell count and neutrophils. The diagnosis was bacteraemia and sepsis. Based on the history of the dog having heat 4 weeks ago, a swollen vulval area with some discharge, a tentative diagnosis of pyometra was made by me.   

On the 2nd day of IV drips and antibiotics, the dog could stand up. On the 3rd day, she did. Reddish brown pus leaked out from the vagina. This was a case of closed pyometra.

Time has run out for this 9-year-old Maltese. A spay at a young age of 1 year old  would have permitted her to live much longer than the 9 years.


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