Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2972. INTERN. Time is running out - Case 2. A female Pekinese passes foul-smelling vaginal discharge

August 25, 2015

Two years ago, I had this female Pekinese's breast tumour removed and advised spaying the dog as some breast tumours are more likely to develop in dogs not spayed. The dog's teeth were enveloped in thick tartar and I advised dental work to get rid of the bacteria inside the tartar. The lady owner did not accept my advices.

Today, the dog came with a dark brown vaginal discharge. The rotten meat smell of the discharge filled the consultation room. "I know she is suffering from uterine infections," the lady said. "I have researched the internet." The dog had a prominent spine, indicating a loss of weight but she did not have other breast tumours developed in the past two years.

Now a life-threatening condition of pyometra. This was one of the worst cases of open pyometra based on the bad odour and copious brownish vaginal discharge.

"The treatment is spay but she is so thin and will likely die under anaethesia," I prescribed oral antibiotics and gave an injection of antibiotics."So I will not advise surgery to remove the badly infected womb. She may die in the next few days despite antibiotics as she is not eating."

This Pekinese who strongly resisted swallowing the antibiotic capsule I gave to her through the mouth. She snapped at my fingers. I had put her on the consultation table. I decided to grasp the capsule with a pair of forceps and inserted the capsule into her snapping mouth, far back in the tongue and closed her mouth. She swallowed one capsule and there would  be 13 more, at twice a day. The owner would have to hand feed her and give her water to drink.

Time is running out for this Pekinese. If the owner had at least spayed her 2 years ago, this dog would not have pyometra and causes so much emotional distress for the owner and the vet. Time has run out for this Pekinese as death from sepsis could be imminent. No blood test was taken to lower medical costs.   This type of against medical advice to spay a dog after removal of a breast tumour is quite a common occurrence. 

Pyometra that could have been avoided by a spay operation after breast tumour removal makes me feel sad for this Pekinese. She had lost a lot of weight but could still fight to avoid oral medication. If she is stable after 7 days, she could be spayed. But her emaciated body may not take anaesthesia well and she may die on the operating table. The stench of rotting uterine lining is an indicator that spaying cannot be delayed. Many owners will not accept their dog dying on the operating table and will blame the vet. So, it is best for the vet not to undertake such high risk surgeries.




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