Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2970. A 10-year-old Chihuahua sleeps curled up

Aug 13, 205

Suddenly the 10-year-old female spayed Chihuahua slept curled on the right side worrying the owners. Much loved by the couple, esp. the wife.  Weight was 2.6 kg, looking rather plump.  Has an excellent appetite.

I palpated pain behind the right side of the rib cage, around the right kidney.

right 9th rib appeared fractured.
multiple lung nodules, liver enlarged? spleen OK.

Were the liver and spleen enlarged?

Blood test
Only the kidney profile is not normal

urea 3.5  (4.2-6.3)
creatinine 63 (89-177).

Platelets  578  (200-500)

Treatment was painkiller rimadyl for 4 days and antibiotics. 

AUG 18, 2015
Follow up by tel. The dog sleeps in the usual sternal position since treatment and the husband was most happy. No more curled up in the foetal position when sleeping. He enquired about the W/D diet to reduce the weight.  No jumping up and down. 

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