Thursday, July 2, 2015

Angel - A male cat sits on the litter box

Jul 2, 2015

Cat, MN, 3 years

"Have you encountered such cases?" the lady with a baby asked me about her cat having great difficulty in peeing, sitting on the litter box and vomiting twice yesterday.

"It is quite a common problem in male neutered cats," I replied. This cat eats only dry food and lives with two other female cats.

I palpated no enlarged kidneys but a big swollen bladder as big as an orange. The cat dribbled blood-tinged urine on the consultation table.

Under gas anaesthesia, the urinary cathether was not easily passed into the bladder, despite syringing normal saline. Some urine did flow out and the bladder was emptied 50%. I got the x-rays done and there were stones inside the bend of the urethra.

At home, 2 other female cats had no problem. One litter box and water bowl. Dry food only.

The owner gave permission for surgery. Dr Daniel did it in the afternoon. Body weight  4.8kg, temp = 38.3C.   Sedation xylazine + ketamine 0.1 + 04 ml IM. Maintenance with isoflurane and oxygen gas.
Cystotomy. Syringed saline into the urethra to get the 2 urethral stones into the bladder.

Warded. E-collar and urinary cathether. Antibiotics and pain-killers


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