Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2495. Angel the cat is admitted for dysuria

1. Monday, Jul 13, 2015. The cat was admitted as the owner said he had difficulty in peeing. Bladder and urethral stones were removed some 7 days ago. The cat was given IV drips on Jul 10 and 11 and I discharged him on Saturday Jul 11, 2015 since he was eating. I took out his stitched urinary catheter as it is not good for the cat to have it for more than 3 days, in my opinion, as it irritates the bladder.  However, he ate little at home, the owner said and was worried.

Dr Daniel and I discussed his treatment. Perineal urethrostomy will be the last resort.

"There is bound to be inflammation in his urethra as he had urethral stones stuck at the bend of the urethra," I said. "The bladder is not much swollen as before, not as big as an orange. Pain killers and antibiotics will be needed."
The cat was given gas anaesthesia. Dr Daniel lavaged the bladder by sucking out the bloody urine (video). An injection of painkiller and antibiotic was given.

2. Tues July 14, 2015. The cat meowed when he saw me. His bladder was not swollen. He preferred to sit inside the litter box where there is sand, than outside the box. He ate when my assistant hand- fed feline C/D with water. The owner came to visit around 6 pm and was happy to see him.

This is a case of the intense inflammation inside the bladder and urethra as the owner had delayed seeking treatment, base on blood test result showing kidney failure and the much swollen and red bladder (image).


Ju1 2, 2015    Cannot pee, blood in urine. Surgery. urethral stones and bladder stones removed.
Jul  5             Dr Daniel sent home 2 days after surgery.

Jul 8              Vomiting and dysuria. Had kidney failure based on blood test of high creatinine and urea. Given 2 days IV drips

Jul 11            I sent home as he was eating.

Jul 13          Warded. Bladder lavage. urine analysis. Catheter not stitched. 

Jul 15          Bladder swollen 1/3 size of orange. Cat eats when hand fed dry feline C/D + water. Bladder lavage. urine analysis. Catheter not stitched.  Alert.

Jul 16          Bladder small like ping pong ball, painful.

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