Monday, July 13, 2015

2493. Animal Welfare. The smartest street dog in Singapore

Jun 11, 2015

"She gave birth to 2 litters," the woman who was active in trapping stray dogs and bringing them to SOSD showed me a cross-bred. "My husband and I just cannot get her! She will  run away at the first hint of suspicious activity to trap her with a collar.  Do you have the sleeping tablets? The last time you prescribed one was ineffective! "

"You did not stay long to see the effect," I said. "The effect starts 30 min to one hour after eating the tablet."
"Well, another stray dog barked. She was feeling drowsy after taking the tablet. On hearing this barking, she bolted into the dense forest!"
The couple wanted to catch this dog to spay her so that no litters would be born. 1/6 (a white one) of the puppies were adopted as they looked handsome, with the long nose of the bull terrier and the face of the Golden Retriever.
The wife stated that the shelter would not accept more sick dogs for medical treatment.
"There is a limit to the money any shelter will have," I said. "In any case, you sent one day at night for treatment. Heartworm was diagnosed". How much was the bill?"
"Your $1,250 bill from the vet could have paid for treatment of other strays." I admonished her.

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