Saturday, July 11, 2015

2490. A kind cat owner with a caterwauling "spayed" cat.

Sunday Jul 7, 2015.

This lady was very kind as she did not sue the vet who spayed her cat. A few weeks after spaying, the cat caterwauled. The vet gave her a strip of Ovarid tablets to be given whenever the cat makes noises. This happened around 4 times per year and after 2 years of medication, the cat became fatter.

The lady was worried about prolonged use of hormones such as kidney failure.
"You have only one alternative to hormonal control of heat," I said. "Surgery to open and look for the ovary or ovarian tissues which are near the kidney or kidneys. When the cat is on heat, as she is now, it may be easier to spot the ovarian tissues and take them out."

"What if the cat still caterwauls?" the Sec 4 daughter asked.
"No more caterwauling, if the ovaries are removed entirely."  .

The mother signed the Informed Consent form and op will be done tomorrow

Dr Daniel advised ultrasound to see whether the ovarian tissues can be found and near which kidney. Op is delayed till next heat.


1.  Around Nov 2012, Vet 1 spayed this cat.  In 2013, consulted Vet 1 as caterwauling started a few months after spay. She prescribed some Ovarid tablets, to give 1/4 tablet when caterwaul on Day 1 and Day 3.

2. Cat caterwauls 4x/year and next 2 years. Given tablet. Cat puts on weight. Sometimes clear vaginal discharge.

3. Last Ovarid given some months ago. Cat on heat now, Jul 12, 2015

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