Monday, June 29, 2015

FIC in a female cat?

Jun 30, 2015

One month ago, this cat, FS, 7 years old vomited and was not eating. She  had dysuria and frequent urination.  two strips of hair loss along her flanks and several patches of hair loss around her anal area. This was caused by anal sac abscess. 

Today, she had the same problem of dysuria and frequently going to the litter box to urinate.
Abdominal palpation - no enlarged or painful kidneys. No full or painful bladder. Large cylindrical column of stools in the colon felt.

1. Since young, the cat would drink for 5 minutes when the owner came back from work and switched on the running tap water.  Water bowl water seldom drank. Buy water fountain.

2. Single house-hold cat. No stress from other cats.

3. Litter box changed every 3-4 days. I advised daily picking up of the stools.
4. Litter box fine sand to be changed to paper.

5. Will eat only dry food. Feed feline C/D and observe for 1-3 months. With water fountain, may encourage more water drinking.

6. Foams when given oral medication. Disliked antibiotics.

1. No urine for urinalysis.
2. Baytril inj.
3. Depo-medro 0.3 ml IM  (50mg/ml)

Will observe for next 1 month.


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