Saturday, June 6, 2015

2187. A rare case of an ocular dermoid in a cat in Singapore

A rare case of ocular dermoid in a cat in Singapore.
 It was present in the lateral canthus on the corneal and causes epiphora.
Dermoids have hairs whereas a pterygium does not have hairs.

I have used electro-surgery to excise the dermoid off the cornea in a Shih Tzu (see video). It is very effective to stopping epiphora and conjunctivitis.

Dermoid can occur not only in the cornea, but also in the conjunctiva and eyelids too.  It is congenital and is said to have familiar cause.

Dermoids are uncommon and is said to be rare in cats.  In general practice, vets will rarely see such cases unless they are from cat breeders or strays. No seller can sell such kittens.

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