Friday, June 5, 2015

2184. KPI. How long it takes to neuter a cryptorchid dog?

I asked my assistant Naing to record the timelines for neutering a cryptorchid, starting from the IV injection and ending of stitching.

In a cryptorchid, the right testicle did not descend but was under the skin, further away from the scrotal bag. I pushed it towards the scrotal midline so that I needed just one skin incision instead of two. The descended testicle was pushed into this same incision. Time taken 21 minutes.

2.3 kg   8-year-old male Maltese. Thin.
A: Injection of Dom + Ketamine at 0.03 + 0.03 ml IV.
Isoflurane + oxygen gas used - 17 minutes.
B: End of skin stitching.

B-A = 21 minutes.
However, I ligated twice the cryptorchid testicle and the descended testicle. For the descended testicle I did a transfixed ligature and a normal one. So, one more minute is taken up.  Usually I do one ligature into the grove using 3-forceps method. The lowest forcep was removed and the ligature was tied at this grove.

Post op methone, baytril and tolfedine inj.
Home on 4 days of tolfedine and baytril. No complaints as at 3 days post op today.

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