Thursday, June 4, 2015

2182. The 5-year-old boy counts to 100

Jun 4, 2015

This tall and slim sun-tanned 5-year-old boy came with his father to take back the 8-year-old Maltese operated to remove two breast tumours.  It was a day surgery. I examined the dog and marked the nodules as between MG 4 and 5 and between MG 3 and 4. The former had spread to the whole breast tissues of MG 5 and so there was a 3-cm lump removed. There were 2 stitched areas.

The little boy was talkative and asked Dad many questions. He studied in a pr"Whivate pre-school which could be better than the less expensive one, according to his father's perception. He said he could count to 100 and so he did, after pausing at 50. He could count to 120 too. The Maltese slept in his room and he tried to cover her in a blanket which the dog sloughed off.

"What is the name of the book you read?"
"Six in a bed," he said but could not elaborate.
"Now you have two in a bed when your dog goes home to sleep with you," I said.
He smiled. He is born intelligent and I see much potential in his future.      

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