Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2180. A young English Bulldog kept purging fresh blood

June 2, 2015

A pet shop operator brought in a 1-year-old dog that purged and purged fresh blood since yesterday, about 4-5 times. The dog's rectal temperature was 36 degrees C, below normal of 38.5, the blood pressure is low and he was still passing blood on the trolley.

Test for parvovirus, coronavirus and Giardia showed negative. So what was the cause of this haemorrhagic enteritis?

Oxygen therapy and IV drip. Blood test. The dog had been drinking at the pet shop and vomited dark red brown fluid. He passed away.

The owner entrusted the dog to his friend as he was overseas. The friend phoned the pet shop to board the dog urgently as he was unable to cope with the dog's behaviour. After one day of boarding, the dog passed blood in the stools so much that he died. The friend was not happy with the pet shop operator and the owner wanted to sue.

This was a messy situation for the pet shop operator. The dog was panting and took more than an hour to recover after arrival at the pet shop. Did the friend walk the dog to the pet shop which was distant from his apartment? The past few days had been very hot and humid. Some people in India had died from the heat wave.

A pet's death at the boarding place or vet clinic creates anger, blame and demands answers. In this case, the friend and owner blamed the pet shop operator now.

Never walk a bulldog or pug for long distances. They do develop heat stress.


Glucose (below normal)     <20mg dl="" p="">
ALT  2117 (<59 br="">ST     4933  (<81 p="">
Urea  18 (4.2-6.3)
Creatinine 396 (89-177)

Hb 25.4 (12-18)
Neutrophils  95%   Abso  10.34

Red cell count 9,8  (5.5 - 8.5)
Haematocrit    0.71 (0.37- 0.55)
Platelets  67    (200-500)

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