Saturday, May 30, 2015

2176. Clinical research injectable anaesthesia in a dog

Sunday May 31, 2015
My tried formula for a deep anaesthesia and good analgesia lasting 30 minutes, enough for a spay or neuter in a dog, is as follows:

Young dog (less than 2 years, healthy on physical examination)
Domitor 0.4 ml, Ketamine 0.5 ml IV.

Today, I have Max, 7-month-old Bull Terrier X, male to be neutered.
At 16 kg, this young dog was given below the formulation dosage
Domitor 0.4 ml, Ketamine 0.5 ml IV

The dog moved his head at around the ligation of the first testicle, around 10 minutes.
I gave 5% isoflurane + oxygen gas at 3 lit/min  for 2 minutes and that was sufficient anaesthesia to complete the neuter.

The under-dosage was given to reduce anaesthetic risk but this was insufficient dosage without the need to top up with isoflurane.

Surgery must be speedy, accurate and complete. Proper planning is needed to be efficient.                   
Two ligatures of the spermatic blood vessels were performed on each testicle. No bleeding.
Baytril and tolfedine 2ml each was given post-op.

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