Saturday, May 9, 2015

1189. Make a difference in being "kind to pets" - share your knowledge in an e-book

An e-book needs to be concise and edited to help the read. Articles and correspondences in emails and comments on social media may contain too much repetition. Hence I propose you write an e-book "How owners provide good care for dogs with heart and kidney failure"

Your experiences with various owners on how to treat kidney and heart failure at home, after visit to the vet will be extremely welcome by owners. Most owners do not know how to give home nursing and most dogs do not accept medications. So, your in-depth research of your dog as well as other owners will be most useful in the e-book. Just these 2 diseases - heart and kidney failure from the owners' perspective.
Vets are quite busy and need to  keep medical and consultation costs down/ owner and reduce waiting time. There are only a limited number of working hours and if one owner takes 60 minutes to ask questions including examination (as had happened in some of mhy cases), this may not be practical. Other owners have to tolerate 2-3hour waits and get fed up or go elsewhere. It is best for owners to read up on their pet diseases and list down the questions and email to the vet.
I know that facebook and facepage are more popular. However, to succeed, I need to spend time updating regularly. I have focused on youtube and  

Pl send me actual links in your facebook and facepage as I can't access them.
Make a difference in being "kind to pets" when you are young. Share your knowledge in an e-book.

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