Saturday, May 2, 2015

1186. The 13-year-old Beagle X has diarrhoea many times for the past 4 days

Sunday May 3, 2015

"His right eye has pus and is very red," the young man said. "He has diarrhoea 3-4 x/day for the past 4 days!"

The old Beagle had circum-anal tumour removed by Dr Daniel some 3 weeks ago. He did not come back for neutering as the male hormones could cause a recurrence of the circum-anal tumour.

"Could the tumour cause the diarrhoea?" the young man asked.

"It is possible if it is cancerous and has spread into the intestines," I said.

"I would like the tumour tested for cancer."

"It is too late as you did not want it tested after surgery as we don't keep it."

"What is the cause of diarrhoea?" the young man asked. "We feed the same dry dog food,"

"The dog was boarded earlier than 4 days ago and could have eaten other food upsetting his stomach. It could be viral infections from other dogs in the boarding house, causing gastro-enteritis."

The dog would be given IV drip, antibiotic and anti-diarrhoea for the next 24 hours.

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