Tuesday, April 28, 2015

1182. A stray cat eats but spits out canned food

April 27,2015

In Singapore, this stray cat has no proper home but the cat feeders ensure that she has food and water. "For the past 3 days, she would eat but spit out the canned food," the retiree said to me.
"There could be a fish bone lodged inside the throat," I advised X-rays. Stray cats love fish and some people will feed them with left over fish with bones.

The cat pawed me when I tried to open his mouth. Foul breath. The lower sides of his gums appeared blood red with ulcers. Hence the bad breath.

X-rays showed ulcerated pharynx and proximal oesophagus with gas.

After an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic injection, the cat was active and ravenous and the caregiver is much happier.  

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