Wednesday, April 22, 2015

1178. A cat drinks toilet water

April 22, 2015

"Your cat has a very low platelet count and liver disorder," I showed the blood test report to the very busy bearded husband who shook my hand as he arrived at 7.25pm to take back his cat.

I know he is very busy. He works in the car parking software field which demands all his waking hours of his life as the various car parks seems to have much bugs, needing his help to resolve the problems. "Your cat has been toxic. He also has pale gums but is now pinker. Did he drink toilet water?"

I had given the cat at least 200 ml of electrolytes, amino acids and antibiotics and the cat meowed when he saw the owner.

"Some cats love to drink from the water splashed or drippinig onto the bathroom floor," I said. The man reflected and thought that this cat could have lapped toilet water.

"I have 6 cats," he said. "The other 5 have no problems."
"It all depends on how much poison the cat drinks and for how long. Why do you have 6 cats? I thought you have only one?"
"The female becomes pregnant and it is against my religion to get an abortion," the husband explained. Fortunately, my relatives have booked a kitten from my latest pregnant cat!" 
"Why don't you give some of the 6 cats away?"
"No, no," he replied. "We love them."

I can't understand why he did not neuter or spay the 6 cats. Now one is pregnant again.  

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