Saturday, April 11, 2015

1165. Toilet-training. I asked. I aCross-bred pup from K9 Missions no longer anaemic

Sunday Apr 12, 2015


Stray puppy, female, cross-bred,  rescued by K9 Missions, Singapore.
Duration: Around one month of toilet training.

1. Commercial Dog Pee pads 3/day put outside the Crate
2. Does not like pee tray.
3. Sleeping, eating and drinking area inside the Crate
4. Poop after eating 2-3 X a day but not always on the pee pad. Prefers corner with privacy away from the owners' view.
5. Success is 50% as the dog does not want to poop onto the pee  pads.

The couple brought in the 3-month-old female cross for the 2nd injection of Imidox injection.
"How is the other sick sibling?" I asked as K9 Missions had mentioned that there was a sick sibling last time and had checked on this puppy recently.
"He is fine after treatment."
This puppy is now pink in gums and had gained weight. Active. So, it is good news. I gave her the 2nd jab of Imidox 0.75 ml for 7.5 kg bodyweight. 0.3ml IM and 0.45 SC. The puppy should recover.

"How do you toilet train her?" I asked as it was already one month of living in the apartment.
"This timid puppy is the smallest in the litter and would take her food to eat in a corner, away from the other 5 siblings."
I guess she was bullied.
"Successful in peeing on the pee pad but not successful on pooping," the husband said.
3 pee pads are used per day. The puppy would poop on the pee pad if needed to be.
"But she would wait till we are not around before she would poop," the husband laughed. "Somewhere away from the crate which has the water and food bowl and the bed. She would poop elsewhere in a corner."
"This puppy valued privacy," I said. "It is what she did before adoption."

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