Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bulying in guinea pigs

Mar 30, 2015

Dear Dr Sing

Just to let you know that Mochi is doing well so far after the UTI & diarrhea last month. In fact, she still had blood in her urine after the second visit for diarrhea. I suspected it may be bladder stones so I continued to monitor for a while. Then one day, I discovered some transparent jelly like substance in the litter box...bladder stones? Subsequently no more blood in the urine which brought much relief to me. 

After that couple of weeks of isolation from Mocha, Mochi was so afraid of her when I tried to put them back in the same cage. They were so tensed & nervous that I had to assemble another cage for Mochi. Now they seem happy having their own space.

Mochi used to bully Mocha so Mocha is now more relaxed being alone. Previously, Mochi competed with Mocha for food, water & litter box. She's happy to have everything to herself at present.

Last visit, I promised to send you info on how I assembled the cage for my guinea pigs. Please refer to attachment.

Best regards


Guinea pigs do compete for dominance and space like people. Bullying is quite common but the owner is not aware of it. 


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