Thursday, March 26, 2015

1151. Video on annual health screening for a 10-year-old Shih Tzu

This trim fair lady loves her female, spayed 10-year-old dog very much as she will present her dog yearly for the vaccination. She had made an appointment today after receiving my vaccination reminder card.

This time she requested a blood test. I was surprised that she was well informed.
As for the dental scaling, she said: "I am worried about anaesthesia. Maybe another time."
The back teeth were full of tartar but the teeth were still strong and solid. When I opened the dog's mouth wider, she gasped although the shy Shih Tzu with clear corneas did not flinch a bit.

 "It is necessary to check for mouth ulcers and tumours," I explained to her.

Normally, some of my vets just give the vaccination and general examination or just the vaccination owing to the owner's financial cost constraints.  So no blood and urine tests were done or advised by my vets.

I did a health check video for the benefit of the younger dog owners. The dog was a good patient. The overall experience was eventful as more and more dark brown anal sac oil kept discharging as I expressed the anal sacs. Yet the dog did not bite her backside. The tell-tale sign was just some hair loss and skin irritation at the end of the tail. The ear canals were dirty and need cleaning.

This was a happy interaction for the vet, the dog and the lady dog owner on this Friday morning.

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