Monday, March 9, 2015

1135. Unbelievable story: Multiple Myeloma - 4 years to live

March 9, 2015

"I googled the internet," the senior citizen said. "The life expectancy of multiple myeloma patients is around 4 years. Now, it is 10 years. When I was diagnosed, I hoped for 3 months to settle my personal matters.  I developed kidney failure, with creatinine over 1000. I was shivering and had lost considerable weight. My skin was red and I looked terrible.

"A friend suggested that I pray and after my prayer, my body was at peace and I recovered. Not fully but I surpassed the life expectancy of 4 years. "

I was glad for him. I had met a relative of this senior citizen just 1 day ago at an Association lunch. She said that he lived so long because he could afford expensive drugs.  A woman with the same diagnosis died after 3 years.

So, was it the faith or the expensive drugs that prolonged his life? He had his belief now.

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