Friday, February 13, 2015

Two Golden Retrievers in a row

Friday, Feb 13, 2015

This morning, I had two Golden Retriever patients one after another. This is rare for me as Golden Retrievers are rare in Singapore, with the vast majority of dogs, about 99% being small breeds.

The backside had two large swellings below and on the sides of the anus. "They appeared overnight," the owner said. "These are anal sac impaction with pus," I expressed yellow pus out from one side. "This case needs a finger to be inserted into the anus to expel the anal sac oil and pus. The dog needed to be sedated."

Dr Daniel expressed the pus digitally and the swellings shrunk. "No more anal sac oil," he said to me. "Flabby swellings now!" 

"It is best to incise at the lowest point to release any remnants of the pus and dead cells," I said.

Dr Daniel excised 1 cm at the ventral area of both swellings. Blood oozed out for several minutes.
"Let the contents flow out," I said. Later, Dr Daniel would stitch up the two incisions and the dog went home.

"He is lame again on the back leg. I think it is the left one. Or is it the right?"
I had the dog trotted outside the clinic. His right hind leg was up while his left hind leg was down as he was trotted by the maid who did not wear slippers.
"Looks like he is not bearing weight on his right hind," I said. "The only way to tell is to flex and extend the joints on the consultation table. The dog refused to trot anymore.

My medical records showed the dog had a spinal pain at one time and a left medial thigh swelling and pain at another time.

Now he had spinal pain and very painful left hip. "He wrinkled his muzzle and that is a warning that he would bite." I flexed and extended his left hip twice. The dog did wrinkled his muzzle and turned to face me. So the dog was in pain.

"He would go under the sofa every day," the owner said. Such a big breed would injure his back and sprain his hips on getting out.  The sofa had a hollow just sufficient to squeeze in this dog.

"The solution is in your hands," I said. to the owner. "Close the gap or get worse hip pain next time!"

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