Saturday, February 7, 2015

1186. Instagrams@hampigs - the guinea pig had diarrhoea

Sunday Feb 8, 2015

The adopted female guinea pig recovered from watery diarrhea. She lived with another female. Both chased each other in a small pen. A few days earlier, she had blood in the urine and urine tests showed bacteria and blood in the urine. She recovered but had watery stools yesterday. After SC dextrose, anti-diarrhea and antibiotics, she passed lots of normal stools. Hay was given overnight.
The lady owner really researched on the best bedding for the guinea pig via her Instagram account. "The video is only for 1 minute," she showed me 2 guinea pigs on the "fleece blanket bedding" bought from IKEA chasing each other round and round in a crammed central space. Like cars going round a circle.

Instagram connects guinea pig lovers and she has 55 likes in her @hampigs posting. I did not know that Instagram can be used to share info on guinea pigs care. "You have to open an account under "pets"," she said.  She had done her research and the "fleece polyester blanket from IKEA" is the best to prevent underfoot sores! It absorbs the urine and she can sweep away the faecal pellets. The 2 guinea pigs have their own pee pans too. I asked her to send me a video later although her account showed the bedding.

"Don't they gnaw the bedding?" I asked.
"I fix it properly to the grid," she said. The grid was bought from DAISO but now they don't stock it. The grid are wire squares for the kitchen wall, to hang things.

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