Saturday, February 28, 2015

1125. Indancity Beyond 2015 on Feb 27, 2015 (9tth day of Chinese New Year)

Friday Feb 27, 2015

This is my 2nd SMU Indancity Beyond Dance attendance. The other one was in 2013 and it was good. The venue at Drama Centre Theatre (600 people max) on this Friday did not have the buzz of the crowded Kallang Theatre guests (1,600 people max).  The young ladies did not appear to be as well dressed up in evening dresses. Times have changed.

This time I was seated in D24 (corner), much nearer the stage and could appreciate the dances more. The best seats may be in the centre on 2nd level, if I am not mistaken as I had the best videos taken of the Flamenco Dancers in one in Spain (see my travel stories)

The dance with the subway theme and the one with the baggage travelers had lots of action. The opening dance with maid servants of the old era was most attention-getting.  I rarely attend dance performances. However, these dances broadens one's mind.  The dancers were perfect in their moves and did not collide with each other.

From my corner seat, the videos were not that great as there was obstruction. I hope readers will enjoy watching some videos done.  Hard work and sweat from the dancers.  Excellent performance but rarely do you see Silver Hairs there.  The choreographers were great. I had some great videos from my Canon D70 camera.

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