Monday, January 19, 2015

Cases of stray cat caregives in Singapore

1. 2010. Stray cat with halithosis and mouth ulcers.
Vet 1 presumed FIV

ECG? Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex, not FIV (test kit)

2. 2010. A young couple sends in 2 stray cats for spaying

3. FIV+ve, URTI and periodonitis in an adult stray cat

4. HDB policy of cats in flats.

In 2002, CWS has a proposal, please visit our website at 

5. 2001. 2 cases. The stray cat has rodent ulcers. The young unvaccinated cat has tongue ulcers

6. Promoting the adoption of stray cats from CWS

7.  A stray cat activist

8. A stray cat swallows a fish bone

9. 2003 The Singapore stray cats' days are numbered.

10. Spaying and neutering stray cats in Singapore

11. Stray dogs and cats in Istanbul's tourist area. Can Singapore do that?

12. Dental problems in the older Singapore cat

13. Stray cat for adoption in social media FLICKR

14.  2015. A stray cat has no appetite or meow for 4 days

15. Spaying caterwauling cats

16.2002. The cat has a loose tongue

17. A fish bone stuck in the cat's throat

18. Stray cats in NANAS

19.  A salivating stray cat has eosinophilia

20. Gingivitis and stomatitis in an old cat

21. Antagonising service providers - cat activists.

22. Necrotic cat abscess in an old stray cat

23. 1997. fish bone, uterine prolapse in stray cat

24. stray cat has flu

15. The malodorous cat

16. spaying a bisexual cat

17. Two vet students goes to rescue stray kittens for NANAS

28. Injectable anaesthetic for cats

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