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Singapore Case Studies - Dogs
7787 - 7798.
In 2013
In 2014. Recurrent struvite stones
Video: A Border Collie has an itchy backside - ringworm Video: Generalised ringworm in a Border Collie X
Video: Perineal hernia and benign prostatic enlargement 1/3 Video: Perineal hernia 2/3
Video: Perineal hernia 3/3 Video: Benign prostatic hypertrophy seen during hernia repair Video: Itchy front paws and groin in this overweight Jack Russell Video: Silkie has black and red circular skin spots - ringworm
Video: An old maltipoo cannot breathe Part 1
Video: Submandibular infections swelling Part 2 Video: Medical evidence Part 3 Video: 6 days later, no swelling Part 4 Video: A 3-year-old Schnauzer has itchy back and groins Video: The Silkie terrier is aggressive due to false pregnancy
Video: 6 days later, no swelling Part 5 Video: 6 days later, no swelling Part 6 Video: A 14-year-old dog can't breathe Pt 1 Video: A 14-year-old dog can't breathe Pt 2 Video: 4 weeks after treatment Pt 3
Video: 4 weeks after treatment Pt 4 Video: A 3-year-old Schnauzer has very itchy back and chest areas Final Video: A Golden Retriever has squamous cell carcinoma
Blog: A gigantic right submandibular abscess Final Video: Threshold of death for a 14-year-old Maltipoo Video: A tail-biting young Chihuahua Video: Toa Payoh Vets anaesthesia & surgery record Video: A successful 3rd eyelid flap & tarsorrhaphy in a pug
Blog: Bladder neoplasia or chronic infection? Video: Blood in the urine, eye conjunctival growths Video: Follow up 5 days later: Dry eyes & haematuria Video: Circum-anal tumours in a 16-year-old Shih Tzu Video: A 4-month-old Chihuahua has itchy skin
Video: A female Miniature Pinscher has circum-anal tumour Video: A female Miniature Pinscher panted and was not eating Part 1 Video: A 17-year-old Miniature Pinscher panted suddenly Part 2 Video: Review 1 month later. Generalised ringworm in a poodle Pt 1 Video: The poodle is clipped again Pt 2 Video: Myanmar language. Ringworm review in poodle Video: A Shih Tzu has a right itchy backside Video: An old Silkie has ear haematoma (swelling)
Video: A 13-year-old Golden Retriever had vaginal discharge Pt 1 Video: An old Golden Retriever had open pyometra Pt 2 Video: The dog looks more alert and active 12 hours after IV drip Pt 3 Perineal hernia cases at Toa Payoh Vets Video: A Mini-maltese has perineal hernia -Antisedan Video: 3 days after perineal hernia surgery
Video: Before surgery. Able to stand now Pt 4 Video: Overview of open pyometra Pt 5 Blog: A 13-year-old Golden Retriever has pyometra Video: Prostate and bladder in perineal hernias in 2 dogs Video: 5-year-old female Pom has bladder stones Video: A papillon rubs his eye many days Pt 1 Video: A papillon has corneal ulcers Pt 2
Video: Bad breath 9 months after dental scaling Pt 1 Video: Dental scaling at Toa Payoh Vets Pt 2 Video: After dental scaling Pt 3 Video: A 14-year-old Schnauzer vomits for 3 days 1/2 Video: The Schnauzer has lung tumours 2/2 A 4-year-old Shih Tzu keeps scratching 1/2 Video: A Shih Tzu has ringworm 2/2
Singapore Case Studies - Cats
Video: A cat  has nasal wound Pt 1 Video: A cat has nasal wound Pt 2
Video: A 16-year-old cat is dehydrated Pt 1
Video: A 16-year-old cat has left-sided mouth bleeding Pt 2 Video: Gas anaesthesia inside the carrier for nervous cat Video: An old cat has 5 large mammary tumours Video: A stray cat did not meow or eat for 4 days
Video: A stray cat has right facial swelling Pt 1 Video: A stray cat has right facial swelling Pt 2 Video: A stray cat is warded Pt 3      
Blog: Stray cat & other cases      
Singapore Case Studies - Guinea pigs
Final Video: A guinea pig has an encapsulated abscess      
Singapore Case Studies - Hamsters
Final Video: A hamster has an elbow wart Blog: Elbow Wart Script -comments on production Video: Elbow wart - shaving. 1/4   Video: Fell and had internal injury hamster Video: Multi-tiered cages for dwarf hamsters Video: A 4-month-old hamster has a stained backside
Video: Elbow wart - anaesthesia 2/4 Video: Elbow wart - anaesthesized 3/4 Video: Elbow wart excised 4/4       Web: Updated Hamster anaesthesia at Toa Payoh Vets Video: The dwarf hamster has impacted cheek pouch again
Singapore Case Studies - Rabbits
Video: A 7-year-old rabbit is lame Pt 1 Video: A rabbit's hip joints are X-rayed Pt 2 Video: A rabbit has beautiful teeth Pt 3          
Singapore Case Studies - Turtles
Video: A purse-string suture for penile injury Pt 1 Terrapin has recovered from injury Pt 2
Terrapin has recovered from attack Pt 3
Video: Day 3 of inpatient treatment Video: How to tell whether the red-eared glider is male or not? Final video: Penile injury and rectal prolapse in 2 terrapins
  Video: Swollen elbow in a 10-year-old terrapin Pt 1 Video: X-rays advised Pt 2 Video: Steroid injection IM Pt 3 Video: Inpatient observation Pt 4  
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