Wednesday, December 31, 2014

1160. A cat spayed by a vet 2 years ago still caterwauls

"Is it due to the spay not properly done?" the mother asked me. "My cat makes a lot of noises, rolling on the floor and lifting up her tail. She went outdoors and attracted the male cats"

I checked the cat's vulval area. There was no discharge.

"Why didn't you let the vet know aboat this caterwauling 2 years ago after the spay? Or a few months after? It is now 2 years later."

"I thought this meowing was normal," the mother said. "The vet had said it was normal after spaying. Before, the cat was not making so much noise as she was indoors. Now she is outside and exhibits this type of noisy behaviour!"

"It is possible that there was some ovarian tissues left after spaying," I said.
"I want to give away the cat," the mother said.
"Take the Ovarid 20 mg tablet at 1/4 tablet per day for 4 days when there is caterwauling," I advised. "This will stop the caterwauling. Take for the next 3 months and let me know. It will be very difficult to look for the ovarian tissues now but that may be the only solution!"

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