Tuesday, December 16, 2014

1141. Prostatitis. A beagle suddenly could not control his bladder

Dec 16, 2014
Anorexic, vomiting and diarrhoea yesterday, dysuria
Home cooked food.
Abdominal pain posterior, bladder area. Small lump 4 cm x 4cm. Bladder stone or prostate enlarged?

"Urinary incontinence, not dysuria (dfficulty in urination), the father said. "Dribbling here and there."

I palpated a large firm mass, half the size of a golf ball in the posterior abdomen. It could be prostatitis or enlargement. A spherical lump 3cm x 3 cm. The dog reacted painfully (video).

Total white cell 18.4 (6-17), N 85% (60-70), Absolute 15.6 (3-11).
L 5.2%, M 9%, E 0%, Basophil 1.3%
Large platelets present.

pH 5  SG 1.020. Protein 2+, Bilirubin 2+, Blood 4+, WBC  above 2250, RBC 60, Bacteria 3+. Possible haemolysis of RBC in urine.

Bacterial prostatitis or prostate abscess

Bladder infection

20 ml air was pumped into the bladder to check for bladder stones and to define the thickness of the wall of the bladder. This was a case of urinary tract infection. After Baytril antibiotics, the dog could control his bladder the 2nd day.  Neuter was advised.

DIAGNOSIS: Bacterial prostatitis (acute) and lower urinary tract infection

FOLLOW UP DEC 19, 2014
Normal. No urinary troubles. Advised neuter next year.

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