Tuesday, December 9, 2014

1131. Perineal urethostomy in the male neutered cat

Dr Tun Thein Aung from Royal Asia Veterinary Surgery visited me today and explained how he performed the perineal urethrostomy in the male cat.


1. Dissect between the anus and penis, taking care not to cut the anal area.  Lots of fat. No bleeding. 
2. Blunt dissection of the area to expose the roots of the penis and further below 2 muscle bands. These muscle bands are below the roots and must be used to stitch up the opened urethra after penile amputation.
3. Catheterise and elevate the penis high up.
4. Use scalpel to incise urethra at most ventral point (larger diameter). Take out the catheter and use eye scissors to cut the urethra towards the muscle bands.
5. Amputate the penis.
6. Suture skin edges after amputation dorsally lateral to lateral.
7. Stitch urethral opening to the lower and side of the muscle bands.

Cat no longer suffers from dysuria. An easy operation, he said.

An Australian CD of the op is available. 

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