Monday, December 8, 2014

1128. No more urinary tract infection for this retiree's cat

A few male cats suffer from urinary tract infection. The retiree used to come for antibiotics whenever his home cat suffers from UTI. One day, last year, I advised him to feed the cat the prescription diet C/D, canned and dry to acidify the cat's urine and so prevent bacterial infection.
He tried this method and the outcome was excellent as his home cat no longer suffers from painful urination and has not come for antibiotics.

Many UTI cat owners in Singapore have no patience to switch the cat to a new diet and spent much medical costs on the treatment of recurring UTI in male neutered cats. Some cats were put to sleep as the owners could not afford the veterinary fees.

The over 70-year-old man showed me a video of a limping stray cat he felt sorry for. He would not bring it for diagnosis. I prescribed some tolfedine for this cat and he would let me know the outcome.

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