Thursday, December 4, 2014

1125. The man with 5 tattooed Schnauzers on his back

Today, Dec 5, 2014, this man, around 70 years old came into the clinic. I had known him some 15 years ago when he and his wife had purchased Miniature Schnauzer puppies. Over the years, he went to other vets as his dogs age.  Now he is retired to take care of his 5th Schnauzer, 16 years old and unable to stand up. He has sufficient income from his wife working in China and with rental income from a condo.

Today he spoke to me about 3 types of vets he encountered for his old dogs.

1. "The con vet". This vet operated on his old Schnauzer with nasal squamous carcinoma. A tube ran from the forehead to inside his nose and the nasal turbinate cells were removed. "I spent $4000 but the cancer came back. Soon after treatment, my dog's left eye bulged out as there was a swelling below it. My poor dog started bleeding from the mouth and nose!"

"Did the vet explain to you the success rate of surgery?" I asked.

"No, no. He said it was up to me if I wanted to put my dog to sleep.This con vet should have told me that there is no cure and now I asked my friends not to go near him." His wife had recommended him to see this vet. I did not comment.

2. The good vet. His other old dog had liver cancer and this vet explained to him th details of the blood tests. 8 months of chemotherapy by injection cost him $8000. "At least I had an extra 8 months of time with my old dog," he said.

3. The vet whom his colleagues recommended him to consult for the Schnauzer with ear problems. "His father is my colleague. The father must have spent half a million dollars to renovate the place. After one month, my dog was diagnosed with kidney failure and died. Surely, he could have told me when he did a blood test when he checked my dog for ear problems!"

"The blood test may not reveal kidney failure at that time as I am sure he would have had told you." I said. "Do you have the report?"

"No, no," the tattooed man said.

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