Tuesday, December 2, 2014

1123. A lethargic anorexic Husky that had vertical ear canal ablation 5 months ago

The Husky had a vertical canal ear tumour. The owner took the dog back after ear surgery (vertical ear canal ablation). He did not come back for post-op and said the dog was OK.

Dec 2, 2014. The 13-year-old dog came in as he was lethargic, not eating and had diarrhoea
The horizontal canal opening had an area of pus and exudate.

The total white and red blood cell count was in the normal range.
Neutrophils 95.3% (60-70%). Absolute 9.2 (3-11.5).
Platelets were very low at 8  (200-500). 

Liver enzymes high
Kidney enzymes high

So was the dog toxic?  Was he poisoned by chemicals? The caregiver had not washed the wound around the horizontal ear canal opening as the hairs had covered it.

The dog was given the IV and antibiotics with Vit B12.  He vomited black stuff twice in 2 days here. The owner decided to euthanase him.

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