Tuesday, November 18, 2014

1107. INTERN RGS for VIDEO Generalised ringworm infections in an American Cocker Spaniel

Nov 19, 2014

Two interns from RGS, Sec 3 and 4 on their 3 day of internship to produce this video.

A monthly review is important but many clients do not turn up. Some will go to another vet when the skin diseases still prevail.

In this case, the couple did turn up for a review at 9 am today via SMS to me.

The neutered black and white American Cocker Spaniel was muzzled as he will bite anyone, except the couple, who touches him or pats his head. Some friends had ignored the couple's warning and were bitten.  It was kind of the couple to adopt this 4-year-old as normally he would be put to sleep for biting over 10 people in the past. Yet, with love, this dog would not bite the couple and even shake hands with the owner (video) at the end of consultation.

In June 2014, the couple consulted a vet twice in May and July for the skin disease on the top part of the body. There was hair loss and some flakes. Skin cytology revealed bacterial cocci and yeast. The vet prescribed anti-fungal tablets for 20 days, antibiotics and a shampoo.

But there was no improvement and so, I was consulted in Oct 2014. Ultraviolet light showed fluorescence of the bald circular skin patches but microscopic exam of the hairs were negative for ringworm as the dog was under treatment. VIDEO MAY BE AVAILABLE SHOWING UVL EXAM. Check hard-disk

Generalised ringworm and bacterial infections are very difficult for the owner to treat. I had the dog's clipped bald from head to toe under sedation. Daily anti-fungal washes for 1 month. Anti-fungal medication for one month

Today, the owner came as scheduled. There was sparse hair growing on the back spinal area. The head and legs were full of hairs. Generalised ringworm need to be treated thoroughly by clipping the coat of the whole dog to get rid of infested hairs, preventing re-infections from the combs, brushes, towels and harness and reviewing the skin one month after infection.

Client Education & Correct Diagnosis.

The vet must spend a lot of time educating the owner on how to wash the body and to advise a monthly review. Negative findings for ringworm in this case would not mean no ringworm as the owner had used her over the counter cream (black circular spots) before seeking vet treatment.    

Cocker Rage
In my experience, there are some male Cocker Spaniels who will bite anybody except the owners. This behaviour has been mentioned as Cocker Rage. We have road rage in some Singaporeans who will look for a fight with the other driver or swerve in front of the other driver and brake suddenly to teach the latter a lesson. "Count to 10," is my advice. "If I count to 10, the other driver would have driven away!" the person said to me.  

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