Thursday, November 27, 2014

1116. Younger generation does not follow instructions - terrapin with ear abscesses - post-op care

Nov 28, 2014

"Just focus on the terrapin," I specifically instructed the Sec 4 intern as I wanted to produce a veterinary educational video on "how to take care of the terrapin with two ear abscesses after operation". She had been interning for 9 days.

So I assumed she did the right thing. The lady wanted a copy of the video. I saw her appearing inside the video.

"I will phone her for permission," the young intern said.
"It is not as simple as that," I replied. "Permission must be in writing as her family members may object later and I will have to remove the video. Now more time is wasted having to edit the video to get the owner out of it!"

I note that the younger generation of interns and employees needs to be monitored as many do not want to follow instructions.

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